About Me

I was born in Peru 3399m over the sea level in Cusco and moved to Switzerland when I was five years old. 


I grew up in Switzerland and found my passion for photography while travelling in Scandinavia. Norway and Sweden had one of the most beautiful sceneries I've seen in my life and wanted it to capture it the way I perceived it.


As a result, I decided that it will be my life goal. Landscape photography initiated my interest, but I had to see further possibilities. Luckily, my parent's Peruvian textile company offered me to try to shoot some products to improve my skills.


Consequently, I wanted to try out as many versatile projects as I could. That is where I found my love for light-shaping. It excites me to form the light that I visualised and create a majestic look. For this reason, I experimented on various gears and lighting setups, to become more familiar with the technical aspect ins studio photography. 


As a fun fact, I am a licensed Chef and worked in various Restaurants before setting photography as my life goal.


To prepare me academically, I decided to first go to Australia and improve my English. During my stay, I met this amazing Japanese young Lady and

decided to Go to Tokyo for a trip. I became interested to learn about the culture of the Worlds most Populated City in the World.


I started my college of design in Brisbane Australia to get a better understanding of the Art and culture behind Photography 

Consequently, I started the Bachelor of Photography at Griffith University in Brisbane which is still ongoing. 


With the intention to be present at my sister's wedding, I returned to Switzerland. Due to covid, I am not able to enter Australia

but fortunately, I can continue doing Photoshoots and working on my goal to become an accomplished Photographer.