About Me

Product Photographer specialized in Watch and Jewellery Photography


Landscape Photographer



based in Switzerland



I was born in Cusco, Peru, 3399 m above sea level. When I was five years old, I moved to Switzerland.




I found my passion for photography while traveling through Scandinavia. Norway and Sweden had some of the most beautiful landscapes I've seen in my life, and I wanted to capture them the way I perceived them.




As a result, I decided that it will be my life goal to create great photographs. Landscape photography initiated my interest, but I soon saw further possibilities: My parent's Peruvian textile company let me shoot some of their products.




Consequently, I tested my skills in as many different projects as was possible. In the process, I found my love for light-shaping. It excites me to form the light in the way I visualized it before in my head and create a majestic look. I like to experiment with different gear and lighting setups to find the best look for any purpose.




A few years ago, I went to Australia to improve my English. To get a better understanding of the art and cultural aspects behind photography, I attended the College of Design in Brisbane, Australia. Subsequently, I enrolled for the Bachelor of Photography at Griffith University in the same city.




Before I could finish my studies, I returned to Switzerland to attend my sister's wedding. Due to the covid pandemic, I couldn't return to Australia and decided to complete my studies remotely.




At the same time, I concluded that this was the moment to start my career as a professional photographer. On a professional level, I since specialized in product photography. Landscape photography remains a hobby which nurtures my creativity outside the studio.